“Write, for these words are true and faithful.” ~ Revelation 21:5

Shalom Shalom

I find it quite easy to worry.  Quite easy.  My mind has continual ‘conversations’ with people. I wish it only mulled over creative projects, or memory verses, or quotes from famous people, but, no, my mind has pointless conversations: To the bank teller who didn’t want to deposit more than $30 of rolled coins, I say “This….is […]

America is Fine.

Our kids are growing up thinking times are tough, and they’re not. Things are not tough. America is not in hard times. When you have the luxury to argue, you are living in a good time. A very good time. When you are in survival mode – after 9/11, preparing for a hurricane, digging potatoes […]

Coming Soon!

There’s nothing to see here yet, but I told my Just Pure Lovely readers that they could get a preview of this new space, so I’ve turned off Maintenance Mode. I’ll be updating this site often over the next days & weeks.  I’m hoping to make this space ME, all me, which means it’ll be […]

Have Hope

“…I will not fear. What can man do to me?” I don’t believe bad things come from God. I believe bad things come from the evil one. I learned this as a 10-year-old living in a boarding school; evil was present and God showed up to help me through it. He did not rescue me, […]

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